Suitable Jewellery for Sensitive Skin.

If you have an experience that wearing necklace chains and rings all day gives you some irritation, you may be allergic to impurities in the metal.

As for my personal experience, I have a sensitive skin and I’m allergic to silver, nickel and gold plated metals.


Gold Chain Jewelry



When I wear silver rings all day, I can’t wear them without feeling itchy and starting to scratch my fingers. It also gives me rashes. Not a fun experience!

After I found that I am allergic to those metals, I researched various metals used for jewellery.

Surprisingly, some famous jewellery shops in Australia provide gold-plated or gold-vermeil jewellery and have a very high profit margin (very expensive!!). 

So I thought it would be a good idea to educate people in my blog and help them understand the difference between jewellery materials when trying to prevent sensitive skin from irritation and damage.

Some types of metal can give you itchiness and rashes, especially on thin skin areas such as the sensitive neck skin and fingers.


Simply having sensitive skin doesn't have to mean you have fewer jewellery options!


You can still have many selections in trendy and sophisticated hypoallergenic jewellery. Most people who are allergic to jewellery are allergic to nickel. Nickel is found in many jewellery pieces, and some are made entirely of the cheap metal.

You may be allergic to not only nickel but also other metal impurities too.


Please do consider those metals when you shop for jewellery.

Read this to compare to see which type of Jewelry suit you!



Eri Xx

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