Welded Jewelry Collection

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How does permanent jewellery work?

Permanent jewelry is created using a specialized welding machine that is designed to work with delicate metals. Once the customer has been fitted for the correct amount of slack, the welding process is used to fuse a jump ring together, eliminating the need for a clasp and resulting in clasp-less jewelry.

Does it hurt?

No!! The welding process we use does not generate high temperatures, so our customers won't feel any discomfort while we work with their metal. Additionally, our welding machine is designed to only react to metal, so there is no risk to the customer. Even if the weld point comes into contact with the customer's skin, the electrode will not produce a spark.

Can it be removed?

The chains used in this process are durable enough to last, but still lightweight enough to ensure the wearer's safety in case it gets caught on any object. If the jewelry needs to be removed for any reason, it can easily be cut with a pair of scissors. And don't worry, the jewelry can always be re-welded for continued use.

We're excited to announce the launch of our new welded jewelry collection, featuring stunning designs that seamlessly fuse metal together to create unique and durable pieces.  

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