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ERIJEWELRY provides minimalist, contemporary pieces of fine jewelry. Each piece of our Classe and Beau collections is hand-crafted and made with exceptional attention to detail, and each design is reflective of modern tastes. You can get high-quality jewelry that is delicate yet durable and made to be sustainable.

If you are looking for fine jewelry pieces, be these rings, pendants, chains, or dainty bracelets, ERIJEWELRY has it all. Choose from our elegant and avant-garde collection of fine jewelry to accessorize any outfit and compliment any style aesthetic. Started in Japan and settling in Brisbane, Australia, the art of ERIJEWELRY is an amalgamation of different cultures crafted with love and precision.

ERIJEWELRY’s new shop in California Lane

We have recently opened our store in California Lane. The lane is located on 22 Mclachlan street and also the back side of Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Our shop address:

California lane, 22 Mclachlan st, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006


California Lane embodies the aesthetics of California back in the 60s and 70s. This ode to a bygone era encompasses modernity and minimalism at its peak. In many ways, the shop and the location are an extension of the beautiful pieces of jewelry that represent the brand.

ERIJEWELRY’s shop is right at home in the laneway, which is full of small-scale, specialty shops that provide a unique shopping experience.  With personalized service, each customer feels welcome. Boutique shops, cafes, and eateries with local cuisines – it sets the perfect tone for a leisurely walk down the lane, so you shop and browse the area at your own pace.

The experience

Our shop perfectly matches the rest of California Lane. It is classically designed with minimalistic features. The understated color scheme means that the shop is not an eyesore. The exterior has a warm, inviting look, unlike many luxury outlets that appear unapproachable. The interior has open spaces, and the white color is carried on inside as well, reflecting the minimalistic aesthetics.


California lane Jewellery shop ERIJEWELRY

3D render image created by Todor Vladev






The stripped-down and understated beauty of the shop itself is intentional as it places the jewelry pieces center stage. The bareness enables customers to better picture themselves in the jewelry of their choice. It makes for an overall wonderful shopping experience without being overwhelming.

Visiting the shop

Next time you happen to visit the Fortitude Valley, be sure to check out our shop for the finest minimalistic jewellery with a dash of luxury. Try our high-end gold, pearl, or gemstone collections to bring alive any outfit.  Our shop in California Lane is an experience which is worth a visit at least once.


 California lane shop


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