February Birthstone Jewellery

Those born in the month of February call the gorgeous amethyst their birthstone. Amethyst is a variety of quartz and is found in a spectrum of purple hues, from dusty lavender through to richer violet. It is also an incredibly popular stone, with ancient civilizations having been celebrating the mystical amethyst since 25,000 BC. Amethyst has a fascinating history when it comes to myth, too – for example, in ancient Greece, it was believed to protect the wearer against intoxication.

Nowadays, those who use amethyst in crystal healing associate the stone with crystal clear clarity, deep contemplation, and a sense of control over life. It is said to also aid with sleep, reduce negative energetic influences, and balance the emotions and calm the mind.

Explore Amethyst Birthstone Jewellery

At ERIJEWELRY, our gorgeous amethyst rings, earrings, amethyst necklaces, bracelets and more are accompanied by gold-filled chains and settings to add durability to these fine pieces. Our February birthstone jewellery is the perfect idea for gift-giving, or simple for those who enjoy this beloved gemstone.

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