Tanzanite Simple Drop Earrings


Simple yet sophisticated, this beautiful pair of tanzanite earrings is entirely handmade. Tanzanite stone is a deep blue and purple zoisite that have a quite high vibration and are known as stones of transformation. Feature a drop shape blue tanzanite gemstone for a stunning look.

Gold filled is used for our all findings that touches the skin to ensure not only your sensitive skin but also your piece lasts for years in its original splendor.

  • Length: 1.8 cm
  • Gemstone: Tanzanite 
  • Material: 14K gold filled  (wires, chains, hook and other findings)
  • Hand-crafted in our Brisbane studio 

Tarnish resistant/ hypoallergenic/ Nickel free

      Gold filled is a genuine layer of gold permanently bonded onto base metal with heat and pressure that contains 100+ times more gold than gold plated. It is extremely durable and is tarnish resistant. It can last for a long time with proper care.


      Can I shower with gold filled jewerly?

      Can I wear it in the beach/ gym?

      does gold filled tarnish

      You can keep your jewelry on during your everyday activities, including showers, however rinse it with warm soapy water after you swim in the ocean.

      Sweat can damage your jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets, so we recommend you removing these when you are working out.

      Make sure you never leave chemical such as chroline, detergent, alkaline, hair spray and perfume on your gold-filled pieces.

      Do I need to care for my gold filled jewellery?

      Gold Filled jewellery can not wear off like gold plated jewellery, but you do have to treat it with proper care and clean it regularly.

      Delicate gold filled chains have a thinner layer of gold on them and thus can be more prone to react to different elements.

      If you have a higher acidic PH level on your skin, it can make your jewelry duller quicker.



      Place string around your finger and then determine the length using a ruler.

      Ring Size Chart 

      Ring size by ERIJEWELRY

      Bracelet Length Guide


      Place string around your wrist and then determine your preferred length using a ruler. Of course you can also put a tape measure around your wrist.


      Other sizes are also available on request. Please leave a comment for this.



      Necklace length Guide

      necklace size

      14” long: Choker style

      16” long: Falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar.

      18” long: Sits elegantly on the collarbone.








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