How to take care of our jewelry (Gold filled material)

Buying jewelry fills one’s heart with treasury emotions. Seeing your jewelry fade its colour is the most heartbreaking on the other side. Observing your favorite ring piece slowly losing its shine rips a piece of your heart every single time. We care for our worthy customers and also for their heart’s peace. Hence, we have brought the following guide so that they can enjoy their beautiful dainty pieces of jewelry for the longest of spans of time. 


When we wear jewelry pieces, they happen to become a part of ourselves. They come in contact with the environment as well as your body. Where they have to combat sweat, oil, a ton of dirt, and other chemicals on your skin. No offense that’s a human body’s natural process. But how to stop his natural process from effecting our jewelry pieces shine and charm? 

Read ahead to know how to keep them, especially 14k gold filled materials sparkling for long:


  • Using a soft cloth: 14k gold filled pieces can be cleaned with a soft cloth easily. A soft cloth won’t scratch or be rough on the surface. You can buy specific polishing cloths that will do the job better. Make sure to never leave chemical residues on your gold-filled pieces. Always wash them and polish again with a soft cloth to remove any excess of cleaning products.
  • Mild soapy water and a toothbrush: using a mild detergent and a child’s soft brush can be a good combination for perfectly do the cleaning job. The mild soap can remove dirt residue from the pieces using the toothbrush. Make sure the toothbrush is soft, or it might scratch the pieces.
  • Ultrasonic machine: you can the cleaning job very quickly using an ultrasonic machine. But keep note that your pieces don’t stay in the machine for too long. And also, make sure that the cleaning product you are using is safe on gold-filled pieces. End up with rinsing with water and cleaning with a soft cloth. Please note that we don't recommend using this method if your jewelry has gems and stones in them.


You can do these clean-up sessions whenever you see the shine dulling. But before cleaning, always check if your jewelry has gems and stones in them. Don’t leave your items for too long in the chemicals. Strong liquid cleaners can harm your pearl and gems jewelry. 


 This article has motivated you to keep your pretty jewelry pieces even dearer to yourselves. We are already humbled in the hope to give your jewelry pieces a new life if you have followed any of the cleaning steps mentioned above. Happy re-shined jewelry to you all. ;)




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