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Hi guys, this is our first new blog post in the ERIJEWELRY feat series! In this post, we’d like to introduce a woman who is one of our lovely customers and always motivated us since ERIJEWELRY’s early days – Eva Kraemer. 

Eva kraemer modeling shoot erijewelry

Eva is a woman empowered in many roles in her life – a beautiful model, a student, a superfood master and health enthusiast. She participated in the Miss Germany Contest in 2020.

When I first got a stall at the Southbank Market in Brisbane, Eva showed up at my stall and bought an Inca Rose with Sun Necklace.


Gemstone jewellery ERIJEWELRY

This is where everything started. She knows what she wants. I really like that about her and I remembered helping her with looking for the right length of chain. Before she left Brisbane, she showed up at the market and chose some of ERIJEWELRY’s pieces for herself, for her sister and her mum. After she went back her hometown in Germany, she ordered a necklace from us for her sister’s birthday gift. Couple of months later, I asked her if she would be happy to be featured in our blog, and here we are.


There is so much value and potential that I could see in her and I wish to share that with you. Read on about her story, her life goals, and how she inspires me in so many ways while on my journey with ERIJEWELRY.


German model Eva - ERIJEWELRY



Hi guys, I am Eva and 22 years old originally from Germany.

When I finished school, my boyfriend and I travelled to New Zealand, Australia, and some other countries to explore new places. It was such a great time.

I learned a lot about myself and met so many people with a beautiful soul. One year later, I went back to my hometown in Germany.

I study media-science for my bachelor’s degree as I’m very interested in how media affects people and how much information we get every day. While studying for my bachelor’s, I also worked as a model and I recently participated in a Miss Germany Contest. I am now in the top 5 in Miss Germany. I feel overwhelmed being part of the Top 5 Girls from my State participating for Miss Germany 2021. It’s an exciting journey for me and I hope I can empower other women to truly love themselves and have more self-fulfilment.

I love trying new things and working on my goals even though I need to take risks. A healthy lifestyle is also very important to me. I workout almost every day and love cooking fresh and healthy food. I think it’s essential how we treat our body and consider what nutrients we consume.


Eva kraemer - ERIJEWELRY


Why did you choose ERIJEWELRY?

I choose ERIJEWELRY because I really like the style of the jewellery. When I looked for a new necklace, I knew I could find something at her stall in the market to perfectly fit my style. I also like the fact that they’re all hand crafted which means that all these little details were put in with love.


Eva kraemer - ERIJEWELRY


What are your favourite items from ERIJEWELRY?

That’s actually hard to say because I love all the items I have. I think my favourite is still Inca Rose because it reminds me my time in Australia. (The necklace is the first one I purchased from ERIJEWELRY)



To try new things and explore new places. I think it’s also really important to do what you love and to work hard towards your goals and achieve them because it’s very exciting and thrilling to get out of your comfort zone.


Eva kraemer ERIJEWELRY
Eva with our tiny star necklace 



Focus on what you already have instead of what you want to have or who you want to be. To keep your life in balance, it’s very important to be grateful always.



There are many goals I want to achieve in the future. I suppose focusing not only on the main goal in life but also working on other small goals in front of you every single day, such as taking care of people you love and staying healthy and fit to take care of yourself. But my big goals are completing my bachelor’s degree and becoming a well-known famous model.



I actually don’t have one big dream. Staying focused and working towards a few goals are significantly important. But one of my biggest goals is to become a famous model.



Courage, Lip balm, ERIJEWELRY necklace.


Eva's Instagram 


Eva kraemer ERIJEWELRY

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