Pearl NecklacePearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

From €106,26
Pearl BraceletPearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

Orion NecklaceOrion Necklace

Orion Necklace

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Petite Shell Pearl BraceletPetite Shell Pearl Bracelet
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Floral Pearl EarringsFloral Pearl Earrings
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Pearl lock necklacePearl lock necklace

Pearl lock necklace

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Amethyst Pearl ChokerAmethyst Pearl Choker
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Simple Pearl NecklaceSimple Pearl Necklace

Simple Pearl Necklace

From €81,11

June Birthstone Jewellery

June’s birthstone is a unique one, being that it is not a stone at all, but instead the result of a natural oceanic occurrence. They form when an irritant – such as a grain of sand – is trapped inside an oyster or mussel. In order to protect itself, the mollusc secretes layers of calcium carbonate (nacre) around the irritant. Over time, these layers harden and become a beautiful pearl.

At ERIJEWELRY, we love working with pearls, whether they be traditional or organically shaped keshi pearls. Not only are they a unique creation of the earth, but pearls also symbolise purity, balance, and inner wisdom. They are also often associated with divine feminine energy and the wisdom of nature, and should be worn by those seeking to improve their lung health and hormonal balance.

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Our gold-filled pearl jewellery make for timeless additions to your jewellery collection, as well as beautiful gifts for those born in the month of June. Designed and made in our Brisbane studio, every pearl featured on an ERIJEWELRY piece is unique, with no two being exactly alike. Explore our glittering range today.

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