9 Ways to Layer Your Necklaces

Layering your necklaces is a style which has become particularly trendy in the recent months, and it’s something that suits everyone, no matter your style. One of the great things about layering jewelry is that it’s a completely customisable, individualised look as you can still choose any jewelry styles you like.

It’s easy to layer necklaces, and the best tip to keep in mind is to maintain a difference of at least 2 inches between the length of each necklace. This way, you can stack them up without your neck and décolletage looking to crowded, and it allows each piece to stand out in its own unique way.

Double Layer 

1.  Agnes Flat Necklace (14 inch and 16 inch) 

Layering two simple chains like these is minimalist but effective, as it complements the rest of your outfit without being overwhelming and adds a subtle flair to your neck.

Model wearing jewellery flat necklace


2. Rolo Pearl 14 inch with Rolo pearl Y necklace 16 inch

One of the best features of this combination is the simple pearl motif that sits throughout the entire look, and ties the two necklaces together, despite their different shapes and styles. Wear this pair with a V-neck shirt or dress.

Medallion necklaces are among the most popular necklace styles to layer, as they’re easy to pair with anything, and make for an eye-catching feature that has a retro, nostalgic style.

Green onyx necklace 16 inch

Cross Necklace 20 inch

4. Sparkle Choker and Daria Necklace 18 inch 

 Once again, this is a combination that suits any neckline, and it’s a fun choice as we enter spring, and welcome square necklines.




Triple Layer  

5. Petite Pearl Necklace 14 and 16 inch, Medallion Necklace 20 inch 

A mixture of pearls and medallions? It’s fun, feminine and cute, all in one, and perfect for a deep, plunging neckline, or a feature accessory with a plain outfit.

Model jewellery



Disk Choker 16 inch

Charm necklace 18 inch

Medallion necklace 22 inch 

If you’re looking for a combination that shouts stylish while still being able to be worn casually, this is the one for you. The medallion necklace has a more carefree vibe, and the disk choker adds an outfit-elevating contrast.




mini st Christopher 18 inch

st Christopher 20 inch 

The only thing better than a medallion necklace is two of them, and that’s exactly what we can see here, perfectly paired with a chic chain to add some depth.



Agnes 14inch

Megumi 16 inch

Helena  18 inch

While most of these looks so far feature a variety of lengths, how about a more clustered chain look, which has a sleek, clean finish and looks perfect paired with a square or bandeau neckline, as the soft curves of the jewellery round out these harsh lines.

layered necklace by erijewelry


4 Layers 


mini bobble 16 inch

Crescent charm 18 inch

Sun charn 20 inch

St Christopher 22 inch 

Finally, go big with this ultra-layering of four necklaces, which is full of depth and dimension, and makes for a feature on your neck. The charm necklaces have a wistful appearance, and it’s a perfect combination for the summer.

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