Fine Minimalist Bracelets

Minimalist Bracelets, Chains, Charms And Gems

Express your personal elegant style with our collection of fine minimalist bracelets. These delicate, gold-filled treasures are crafted to avoid tarnishing, allowing you to enjoy your gold link bracelet for many years to come. We have also selected adornments such as pearls, charms that reflect the beauty of nature, or initials and birthstones that allow you to create a bracelet that is unique to you.

Japan-inspired, Brisbane Made

ERIJEWELRY was founded in Japan, and as such we have carried across Japanese jewellery trends to our new home in Brisbane. Feminine designs, delicate pieces that can be layered, and handmade artisan pieces are at the forefront of what we do, including designing our petite range of fine gold bracelets. From beaded bracelets through to stylish rope chain pieces, an ERIJEWELRY fine minimalist bracelet is created to be a mainstay in your jewellery box.