How To Stack Your Rings With Elegance

Jewelry stacking is the á la mode of the season, and rings are sitting pretty on this trend. Every fashion-savvy individual knows that the rings are the key to a breathtaking look. In other words, the rings can make your outfit. But while necklaces and bracelets can be so easy to pile on, ring stacking is a totally different ball game.

Stacking rings is an art in itself, but one misstep and the aim could easily be defeated. To avoid this and bring your A-game to the ring party, you might want to know how to layer your rings to accentuate your personal style and give every eye a bedazzled finger to stare after. So why don't you stretch those elegant fingers forward and let us show you the perfect way to stack rings, featuring some of our "aww-inspiring” rings.




There's no better way to start the day than with our daily staple of stone rings that complement our mood. Adding a gemstone or two to your stack can bring in a burst of color and improve your mood. One-piece that stands out in this category is our Daily Serenity Rings.


Daily Serenity Rings 

gemstone rings by erijewelry

Lapis Lazuli 

Gemstone Jewellery

Green Onyx

Onyx Gemstone Rings


Aquamarine Rings


Simply layer one daily serenity ring on the top of one minimalist ring on a single finger. For the maximum "wow effect" you can layer two more minimalist rings on another finger. The key is to show some flesh while flashing some elegantly combined rings. You won't find this look anywhere else. It is very unique, delicate, and chic; a total statement maker.

Rutile Quartz 

Quartz Rings Gold Filled Jewellery


Amethyst healing stone Jewelry


The goal is to create a balance not to create unnecessary attention if you will. The best way to keep it simple and classy. Utilize a different style of thin bands. Our tiny heart and star rings together with our minimalist rings and hammered rings are running this dainty show. You can layer them together to spread across all fingers or a couple of fingers. Dainty stacking rings work on every finger. Either way, your fingers are sure to stand out elegantly.






Sometimes you may be tempted to cloak all fingers in rings, but you are scared of going overboard. Not to worry, you can give each finger its rightful dose of "ring" with our exquisite hammered stacking rings.

Stacking rings


Wear a stack on each finger to create a single file of rings. You can leave the thumb bare or fit in a thumb ring. You can also wear a chunky piece in the middle finger and adorn your other fingers with the hammered rings.



Stacked rings gold



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