Discover the Beauty of Permanent Jewellery at Our Chermside Pop-Up Store

Welcome to our exciting new blog, where we are thrilled to announce our latest service at the Chermside Pop-Up Store: Permanent Jewellery.


Introducing our Infinite Welded Bracelets, a sophisticated take on the timeless friendship bracelet and jewellery tattoo. Designed to be cherished forever, these bracelets are meant to become inseparable parts of your personal style. Available in 14K Yellow and Sterling silver, they are custom-sized to fit your wrist and expertly welded together, resulting in an everlasting piece of jewellery. Exclusively found at our Chermside Pop up store, our Infinite Welded Bracelets are the ideal choice for commemorating significant moments, celebrating meaningful relationships, and marking important milestones.

This innovative and unique offering sets us apart as the only provider of permanent jewellery in Chermside. Read on to learn more about this exceptional service, including the material options, add-on charms, and the seamless process involved. Don't forget to secure your spot by booking online.

Material Options:

14K Solid Gold: The enduring beauty and durability of solid gold make it a perfect choice for creating a lasting impression.

Sterling Silver: Our sterling silver permanent jewellery combines elegance with versatility.

Add-On Charms: To further personalize your permanent jewellery, we provide an array of add-on charm options. You can choose from the following materials to complement your chosen material: 14K Solid Gold, Sterling silver, Gold-filled


The Process:

At our Chermside Pop-Up Store, we have simplified the process of creating your permanent jewellery. It involves three straightforward steps:

Choose Your Chain and Add-On Charms: Select your desired chain from our range of options. If you wish to personalize your piece further, you can add on charms that perfectly reflect your style and personality.

Measurement and Sizing: We will measure your wrist to ensure a precise fit. We will then cut the chain to your desired size, ensuring ultimate comfort and wearability.

Assembly and Welding: Using our meticulous craftsmanship, we will delicately weld small jump rings between the chains to connect them seamlessly. This step ensures the durability and longevity of your permanent jewellery.

Permanent jewellery chermside Brisbane

That's it! The entire process typically takes about 15-25 minutes, depending on the thickness of the chain you choose. Our skilled artisans work with precision and care to create a piece that will bring you joy for years to come.

Booking Online for a Secure Spot:

We understand that the demand for our exclusive permanent jewellery service will be high. To guarantee your spot, we have made it convenient for you to book online. Simply visit our website and follow the intuitive booking process to secure your appointment at our Chermside Pop-Up Store.

Book here. 


Booking with your friends, partners is also welcome :)  

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