August Birthstone Jewellery

The birthstone of August is peridot: a glimmering olive to vivid green stone. Sometimes referred to as a “poor man’s emerald”, there’s nothing to fault when it comes to peridots – in fact, in ancient times, the Egyptians called it the "Gem of the Sun," believing it held the power to ward off evil and bring prosperity. It was a favourite of Cleopatra as well high priests and kings, making it a gemstone truly worthy of royalty.

For those who are interested in the metaphysical aspects of this semi-precious stone, peridot is associated with renewal, growth, and positive energy. Its cool green hue is said to promote harmony, peace, and emotional well-being.

Discover August Birthstone Necklaces And More…

At ERIJEWELRY, we adore incorporating peridot’s vibrant energy into our designs. Delicate necklaces, bracelets, and rings featuring sparkling peridot gemstones add a touch of summery elegance to any outfit. Our gold-filled pieces are ideal for birthday gifts, or simple for those who appreciate peridot’s lustre.

Explore our collection and discover a piece that captures the essence of renewal and the sun’s warm embrace.

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