November Birthstone Jewellery

Topaz is the birthstone of those born in November – and at ERIJEWELRY, we’ve decided to pay special tribute to a particular colour of this gemstone. Unlike other topaz varieties known for their fiery oranges and yellows, our London blue topaz offers a captivating departure. This gemstone boasts a mesmerising coolness, with hues ranging from a soft sky blue to a deep, sophisticated teal. Its colour secret lies in trace amounts of iron and titanium, creating a visual depth that has captivated jewellery lovers for centuries.

While the exact origins of the “London blue” moniker remain shrouded in a touch of mystery, some believe it originated in the bustling gemstone markets of 19th century London. Regardless, the name perfectly captures the gemstone's calming essence. Ancient Egyptians associated topaz with the sun god Ra, believing it held the power to bring healing and inner peace.

For those looking for crystal healing jewellery, London blue topaz is said to promote tranquillity, clear communication, and emotional balance. Its cool blue hue is thought to have a calming effect, making it a popular choice for those seeking serenity and inner clarity.

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At ERIJEWELRY, we adore the sophisticated elegance of London blue topaz. We incorporate it into our collection of delicate, gold-filled jewellery, creating necklaces, bracelets, and rings that exude a sense of effortless boho beauty. Explore our collection and discover a piece that reflects your inner peace.

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