September Birthstone Jewellery

September’s birthstone, the sapphire, reigns supreme with its captivating colour and rich heritage. Composed primarily of aluminium oxide, with a touch of titanium and iron contributing to its breathtaking blues, sapphires have captivated humanity for millennia.

Ancient Greeks believed sapphires held the power of Apollo, the sun god, granting clarity, wisdom, and protection. Egyptians associated them with royalty and truth, often adorning pharaohs with these celestial gems. Even in folklore, sapphires were said to appease angry gods and ensure a safe journey across treacherous seas.

Today, sapphires continue to symbolise nobility, fidelity, and intellectual prowess.  Metaphysically, they are believed to promote focus, inner peace, and spiritual growth.

Explore Our Dazzling Sapphire Jewellery

At ERIJEWELRY, we celebrate the sapphire’s timeless beauty in our collection of delicate, gold-filled jewellery – meaning that these pieces are tarnish-resistant and can even be worn in water! Explore our shimmering necklaces, bracelets, and rings featuring this stunning birthstone. Find the perfect piece to add a touch of regal elegance and illuminate your inner wisdom.

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